Pura Sunless

Sessions starting at just $24.95!!

In the privacy of our new and advanced Pura sunless booth, you can achieve that custom professional airbrush look in only 4 minutes
First you are sprayed with a prep solution, balancing your skin's pH levels for a perfect application. Then there are 3 levels of color to choose from- light, medium, and dark; all available in bronzed or clear options for an instant glow or a subtle tan that develops over time, excellent for those with busy schedules who don't want that just-sprayed look during work or meetings.

With our new Pura sunless system you no longer have to wait to shower, worry about stained sheets, an odd smell, undressing in front someone, or a "dirty" look from smudged bronzer. After 3 hours you are ready to shower, and soon after that you will see beautiful, even color!

Those who have tried it are hooked! You're dry in 4 minutes, with an evenly applied beautiful tan, in the privacy of the Pura sunless booth!

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